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Government Services

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Government Services

Mr. Bennett provides training for the military and law enforcement in areas such as

combat tactics, weapons training, applied martial arts, and rape prevention.

He has worked with the following organizations and their members:

Other Clients:

  • Washington DC Police
  • New York City Department of Corrections
  • New York City Department of Police
  • New York State Department of Corrections
  • New York City Transit Police
  • New York City Fire Department
  • NYC Department of Corrections Fire and Safety Unit
  • Maryland Corrections
  • Maryland Police
  • Connecticut Police
  • New Jersey Police
  • Philadelphia Police Department
  • Philadelphia Fire Department
  • Philadelphia Transit
  • Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
  • Prince William Manassas Regional Detention Center
  • Prince William Juvenile Detention Center
  • South Carolina Fire Services Departments
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